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    The complete telephone answering process can help your customers quickly find the customer service personnel or information and optimize the allocation of customer service personnel.

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    Automatic Voice Reply System

          The complete telephone answering process can help your customers quickly find the customer service personnel or information and optimize the allocation of customer service personnel.

    Simulate reality, interact naturally with customers

          The latest intelligent interactive technology is adopted to answer customer’s calls and precisely analyze customers’ needs in every step. It can effectively reduce the cost of customer service personnel, improve the service quality of service center and shorten the time of every customer call. 



    Use the system to search information

          Enterprise customers can also use IVR to obtain personal information or conduct transactions, such as searching the amount of monthly transaction, the purchased futures and security types and other details…The system can fully keep the information confidential. In the absence of computer and network, customers can still use the system for inquiries or other operation. There is no need to worry about disclose of personal information, for the operation process is completely controlled. Automation can not only bring great convenience to customers but also reduce the cost of customer service personnel.



    Self-obtain documents without putting up with the marketing of customer service representatives

          IVR cannot only save the manpower of customer service representatives and the valuable time of customers. The system can offer automatic reply. If customer wants to obtain a general file or form, he can use IVR and does not need to transfer it to the special personnel. He can obtain it online through the system, which helps avoid excessive marketing and customer’s dissatisfaction.