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    Cross-regional networking or cross-frequency networking is required in some industries, such as: wireless command and dispatch of public security departments across cities and provinces, wireless communication among the branches of large enterprises and uniform wireless command and dispatch of large-scale mine field.

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    Interphone Platform Solution


          Cross-regional networking or cross-frequency networking is required in some industries, such as: wireless command and dispatch of public security departments across cities and provinces, wireless communication among the branches of large enterprises and uniform wireless command and dispatch of large-scale mine field. The traditional interphone cannot realize extra long distance interconnection without relay due to the close transmission distance arising from the restriction of transmitting power, antenna sensitivity and other factors.

    Operating principle of intelligent gateway

          Intelligent gateway is used to convert the voice signal of the traditional interphone into digital signal and transmit it via data transmission channel (VOIP) in the public network of mobile communication. It can also convert the digital signal of the public network interphone into voice signal and transmit it via the traditional interphone unit. Thus, the connectivity between traditional interphone and the public network interphone is realized. It can be applied in the multi-point networking of traditional interphone without increasing frequency points. 

          Intelligent gateway device can solve the difficulties of traditional interphone large-scale networking, cross-regional networking and multi-frequency-point networking. With intelligent gateway, there is no need to apply for adding frequency points, and the voice quality is good. Networking can be done quickly through the management platform, realizing grouping, temporary grouping and other functions in the platform.



          The interphone network can be formed by inserting communication cards of gateway device. The gateway device can be connected with Internet to form an interphone network through broadband cable connection. Or the original interphone network can be optimized and reconstructed by means of hybrid networking. No matter what means is used to form the interphone network, the whole system only needs to send and receive two frequencies without erecting high-power ride. Only low-power intelligent gateway is required for distributed interphone signal coverage. The whole system network features flexibility, easy expansion and easy installation. The networking cost is far lower than the cascade cost of transposer station of the ride.



    Networking diagram


          Interphone intelligent gateway is a portable interphone system communication gateway device, which expands the application scope of traditional interphone products in emergency, disaster relief and networking. Intelligent gateway is advantageous in the traditional interphone network connectivity. It can make the analog/digital interphone network for two different working frequency points realize rapid networking. It can also make the interphone with different standards realize connectivity to meet the customers needs:

    • The device can be operated freely in 2G / 3G wireless communication network.

    •  The device has an Ethernet interface that conducts interphone networking through the wired Internet.

    • The device supports the wired and wireless hybrid networking.

    • The device can realize the connectivity of interphone system with different standards.

    • The device can realize rapid networking across regions.

    • The device can quickly set up conventional and emergency communication command system in site.

    • The device can provide a new communication mode for site emergency and rear command center.

    • The device can meet the needs of mobile applications and vehicle-mounted applications.

    • The device is stable and reliable, easy to operate

    •  The device can be customized according to customers needs.