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    Voice Over IP (VoIP) technology tales IP packet switching network as a transmission platform, compresses and packages analog voice signal and conducts a series of special treatments so as to use the connectionless IP packet data package for transmission.

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    IP-PBX VoIP System Solution

          At present, many enterprises has set up a large number of branches with their business expansion. As a result, the voice communication between the headquarters and branches or between the branches is very frequent, long-distance call charge is a huge expense in the operating cost. Now, the Internet is very popular, and almost every enterprise and its branches have Internet access. Therefore, to provide VoIP through the existing Internet and help companies save long-distance phone charge has become an important choice for a company.

          Public Switched Phone Network (PSTN) transmits the voice by circuit switching. The called and the caller carry out conversation by establishing a real-time and real circuit connection. Voice Over IP (VoIP) technology tales IP packet switching network as a transmission platform, compresses and packages analog voice signal and conducts a series of special treatments so as to use the connectionless IP packet data package for transmission.

         With the popularity of broadband, maturity of VoIP network technology, diversity of solutions and products, small and medium-sized enterprises should also follow the pace of the times, deploy their own VoIP systems to achieve voice communication and especially the use of long-distance voice communication and obtain considerable earnings from VoIP. To explore the existing internal network resources and make use of Internet resources is a new goal for network applications of small and medium-sized enterprises.

    Equipment selection and implementation scheme

    At present, the voice technology and standards of IP network have been mature and used widely. The products include VoIP gateway, IPPBX (IP phone exchange or IP group phone), PCPBX (small IP phone exchange based on PC server).

    VoIP gateway

          The main function of VoIP gateway is to complete the switching between analog voice signal and IP data signal and plays an “adaptive” role. An ordinary phone connects the original PSTN network and the current IP network, and analog phone and IP phone are selected as per requirement. VoIP gateway provides a traditional voice interface to connect with the existing phone exchange (PBX) or group phone of an enterprise. The main feature of VoIP gateway application is to make full use of existing network resources, save users’ long-distance call charges, combine with the existing traditional phone exchange (PBX) or group phone of an enterprise and gradually transfer the traditional voice call to the IP phone. VoIP gateway products, as a mature IP phone solution, are currently popularized in large enterprises. The advent of some small VoIP gateway products brings great benefits to the users of small and medium-sized enterprise. They can generally provide 1, 4 or 8-route phone trunk interface, a simple routing function and a network interface and easily connect the phone exchanges or group phones of an enterprise’s branches through the IP network.





    Solution: Analog phone + voice gateway + IPPBX

          The application of VoIP gateway type is to directly connect the FXO / FXS interface of VoIP voice gateway with IPPBX (small exchange or group phone) of the headquarters or its branches. When a long-distance call is made, the voice will be transferred to the VoIP voice gateway and transmitted through the Internet.

           In this solution, if the number is dialed like an ordinary phone, it will go through IPPBX management and provide an endpoint call management function, which is an important management entity of IP phone network system. The main functions of IPPBX include: address resolution, access control, bandwidth management and regional management. In addition, it can also provide call control signaling, call management and other functions.


    Fig. 2

    IPPBX exchange

          Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange (IPPBX) is an IP-based phone switching system which has all the functions of a traditional PBX exchange. Its goal is to replace the original PBX in the enterprise. This system can fully integrate voice communication into a company’s data network, creating a unified voice data network that connects offices and employees across the globe. IPPBX is mostly characterized by an integrated communication system. Through the Internet, only a single device is required to provide users with voice, fax, data and video and other means of communications and establishes a small and medium-sized call center for them. As the VoIP technology is to transmit the voice in the IP network via data package, users can enjoy the number mobility on the VoIP platform built based on IP-PBX. Vividly speaking, a user can use the number 011 in Place A, but he can still use the number 011 in Place B. The number goes with the user. IP-PBX also supports voice mail, multi-party conference, video conference and other functions unavailable to traditional PBX. This will facilitate mobile office and distributed collaboration office. IPPBX is also the development direction of IP phone.


    Fig. 3

    Solution: VoIP phone / IP phone + IPPBX + PBX

    IP-PBX has developed a practical and easy-to-use system for small and medium-sized enterprises. Its PnP voice network solutions include: IP-PBX, SIP phone, software phones and other products.

    Enterprises sets IPPBX in the headquarters and branches, and internal personnel can use IP phone or ordinary analog phone to connect to different IPPBXs. Those having frequent business trips can use the SIP software phone and make a mobile call through the notebook.

    IPPBX can be connected to a traditional PSTN phone via an interface card or via a virtual operator. Without changing the existing dialing habits, it can provide flexible connections and more preferential phone charges.