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    3CX includes VoIP clients for Android and iOS which allow you to take your office extension with you anywhere.

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    3CX SOFT Phone

    Android / iOS Mobile clients

    Unparalleled Mobility with 3CX’s Leading Android and iOS VoIP Clients

    3CX includes VoIP clients for Android and iOS which allow you to take your office extension with you anywhere.

    Answer calls via the office phone extension and transfer to colleagues without asking customers to call another number. Slash your company’s mobile phone costs, increase productivity and make sure you never miss a call again!



    Acclaimed Android and iOS VoIP Clients

    3CX features native Android and iOS VoIP clients that are continuously updated and tested and set the standard for mobile phone VoIP clients. With an inbuilt tunnel to avoid remote firewall issues, calling from over 3G or from any Wifi hotspot is extremely reliable. 3CX Android and iOS clients fully support PUSH, allowing the phone to be on standby and save battery life.


    • Most advanced and reliable Android & iOS VoIP clients on the market

    • No additional licensing costs for softphones

    • “PUSH” notifications save mobile battery life

    • Inbuilt SIP tunnel/proxy resolves any remote firewall issues

    Android and iOS VoIP Clients included in 3CX Phone System


    Use Your Extension From Anywhere

    With the 3CX VoIP clients for Android and iOS you can take your extension wherever you go. 3CX delivers the one number concept meaning that you no longer have to give out your mobile number. Set your status so your colleagues can see whether or not you are available to take a call.


    • Make and receive calls from your smartphone – at no cost

    • Set your status to available, away and out of office from your smartphone

    • One number concept

    • See the presence of your colleagues from anywhere


    Easy to Configure and Manage

    The 3CX clients for Android and iOS utilize VoIP and are easy to setup and manage. The clients can be automatically provisioned from the 3CX Management Console, reducing help desk calls. Because of the inbuilt tunnel, the 3CX clients work seamlessly across all firewalls, making them even more reliable.


    • Remotely configurable via email, no hassle setup

    • Easily setup conference calls

    • Fully integrated, thus easy to use

    • SIP Forking – use all clients simultaneously


    Win & Mac Softphones

    Powerful, Easy to Use Softphones for Windows and Mac Included

    With integrated powerful clients for Mac and Windows, 3CX allows you to easily manage your phone calls, whether in the office using CTI and your deskphone, or on the road using your laptop.

    Unlike other PBXs, no additional licence fees are charged – and because the clients are fully integrated they are easy to deploy and manage for the administrator, as well as easy to use for the employees.



    Use Softphone to Make and Receive Calls

    With 3CX’s softphones for Mac and Windows, you can manage your calls from your desktop and make and receive calls via the office phone system from your computer, even while out of the office. Using a headset you can even use a 3CX client as a full desk phone replacement.


    • Launch calls on your IP Phone from your desktop with CTI mode

    • No additional softphone licensing fees

    • Easy to use and manage

    • Work seamlessly as if you were in the office and save on call costs

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    Manage your Calls with the 3CX Switchboard

    3CX includes a powerful switchboard function that can be tailored to the way you want to view and manage your phone calls. With 5 different views to choose from it can cater to any job role.


    • Drag and drop calls for quick transfer

    • Ideal for Call Centers – includes Wallboard and Q-Manager view

    • View the presence of colleagues easily

    • Receptionist view allows easy management of incoming calls


    Integrates with Office 365, Google, Outlook & Others!

    Launch calls directly from your CRM package. Inbound calls are matched to customers based on the caller ID and logged in your CRM system. Accurate call journalling of inbound and outbound calls with call duration allows you to generate insightful reports on customer and agent activities.


    • Use Office 365, Google contacts or Internal Phonebook

    • Launch calls from your CRM

    • Converts cryptical Caller ID to a customer name

    • Detailed reports on customer / agent activities, no manual call logging

     CRM Integration made easy with 3CX


    Windows client download

    Powerful PC client, has two modes: softphone mode & CTI mode

     Android client download

    Because GOOGLE is out of the wall, incoming calls are only available when the client is opened

    IOS client

    IOS client. Apple App Store Download